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Service Department:Understand the specific operating conditions so that services can be tracked in a timely manner.

Operations Center: Statistical analysis of maintenance contents, failure analysis, treatment methods, opinions,
suggestions, etc., maintenance reports, and reports to the technical department and other related departments.

Operations Center: Record

Positive and Deputy General Manager: Understand the overall situation of the project.

Technical Department:
Understand the specific operations to analyze, improve and improve the system

Engineering and technical personnel: on-site installation and commissioning is complete, organize relevant information, establish customer files

Inquire the customer's on-site situation, remotely guide the on-site technical operator to troubleshoot, and register for the record.

After-sales service personnel rushed to the scene within 48 hours to ensure the normal operation of the system. In case of major failure, 24 hours arrive at the scene to solve the problem.

Fill in the "Maintenance Record", and the company, customers, and local environmental protection agencies will each keep a copy.

Other related departments:
Cooperate with relevant work.

Product After Sales Process

If there is a problem

Within 8 hours



If there is a problem

Within 48 hours