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The Great economic benefits of giant wheel

Industry Trends
2019/12/27 15:57

The Giant wheel has brought great economic benefits to the city and also promoted the development of other industries, such as transport and real estate.

The ferris wheel ranks first among all kinds of amusement facilities with its large capacity,and has brought a large commercial opportunity to the local service industry,such as tourist,beverage,shopping and so on. It also develop the endless value-added potential for the transport and the real estate in surrounding areas. The Tianjin Eye,located on the Yongle Bridge, with the height of 120 meters has become Tianjin’s landmark.
The Youle Bridge is in the golden area of the source of the Haihe River,adjacent to the Drum Tower Culture area, not far from the Dahutong Commercial District, which is the biggest small commodity distribution market in northern China. At the same time, the Vientiane Textile City, Phoenix Trade City and the Dabeiyuan, on the left side of the river, also complement the landscape of the Haihe River. The completion of the Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel has promoted the development of the tourism industry in the entire Haihe River Basin and even the whole Tianjin City.



The soaring and huge air area of the ferris wheel provides a unique chance to the advertising operators. The LED screen installed on the ferris wheel’s main shaft is the best tool to publish public welfare and commercial advertisements around the clock. The Observation wheel with a height of 112.5 meters in Yokohama, Japan is called the “21st Century’s Cosmic Clock”. Its LED electronic display screen will regularly display time,meteorological data, and also release various major news and advertisements.Its advertising revenue has greatly exceeded its tourist revenue.

The Ferris wheel, as a good carrier of lighting effects, has also played an important role in the city's night economy. The night economy is a new driving force for urban economic growth, and it is a microcosm of the people's increasingly rich life. The height of the Ferris wheel and the advantages of easy to lay out the lights undoubtedly highlight its important position in the night economy. It is a bright night business card for the city.

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