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How to choose the right style ferris wheel

2019/07/12 16:40

The number of ferris wheels in China has reached hundreds sets, and the number of ferris wheels with height over 88 meters has also reached dozens. Then, how about the status of these ferris wheel? Have they brought the expected benefits and returns to their investors? As a professional giant wheel manufacturer, Shandong Wanlong Amusement Equipment Technology Co., Ltd would like to share our views with you.

According to the investment purpose, the investment of giant wheel can be divides into two types: One is for the theme park. Obviously, the purpose of the park operators in building the ferris wheel is to bring more popularity to the theme park. After all, the ferris wheel is one of the most popular attractions for kids, and can attract more family passengers. In consideration of the passenger flows and the investment recovery time, the medium and small size ferris wheel is more welcomed by the theme park. And their appearance and the ID are more in line with the kids and youths aesthetic. Take the Disneyland Ferris Wheel as an example. The classic Mickey Shape can first catch passenger’s eyes. The gondolas running form break the traditional gravity and view-type cabins form, and adopt a more fun ring type. The unique riding experience leave the customers an interesting memory. The ferris wheel in Gucun park is a classic succeed casein domestic. The cherry blossom-colored ferris wheel cabins coincides with the theme of the Cherry Season in Gucun Park, which has brought passenger’s thrilling voice. In just one month of the Cherry Season, the investment of the ferris wheel was recovered.

The second type is the landscape ferris wheel. Its main purpose is to serve as a landmark building for urban or commercial complex to bring more topic and attentions. Therefore, the large scale and distinctive structures ferris wheel is preferred. For example, the Tientsin Eye, the Bohai Eye, Nanchang Star Observation Wheel, and the Watertown Eye ferris wheel are all the typical cases. The economic and political benefits that these ferris wheel bring to the city are far greater than their ticket revenue.

So, how to choose the right scale and the right type ferris wheel for yourself? Welcome to email or directly call us to get more information.


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