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A. R. G. C Foshan -- Heavy digital analog range, EPSC Digital Sport Electronic Rifle Association

Company News
2021/02/24 11:16

A. R. G. "C" is a virtual shooting experience comparable to that of a physical firearm. It is a fully digital space simulation technology. It does not emit any projectiles or rays of light, so the operation is absolutely safe.

And the product is suitable for a wide range of applications, including private target rooms, shooting theme bars, shopping centers, recreation centers, gyms, sports venues, clubs, clubs and clubs of various types, may also be the National Defense Education Base, the Military Topic Museum, the Military Leisure Social Room and so on.

The basic technology to realize this experience has obtained Chinese invention patent and international PCT, with advanced physics, mathematics, innovation, independent intellectual property rights.

Healthy, harmonious shooting environment, wonderful and exciting design process, attracted the majority of users love, by the end of 2020, has been in Qingdao Wanda Plaza, Liqun Commercial Buildings for the initial market test.

Shandong Bandung Amusement Equipment Technology Co. , Ltd. is approved by the Chinese government to engage in large-scale amusement equipment design, manufacture and operation of the enterprise, is the China Amusement Park Association and IAPA member units. You are welcome to experience the company's products to make valuable comments.

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